Hi, we are BANANANINA!

A leading local reseller of authentic fashion items. You can find many kinds of authentic branded bags, shoes, accessories, and many more.

Started in January 2009 using Multiply page, BANANANINA has grown through bazaar events, forums, and social media by selling second-hand products. Receiving positive responses, we gradually upgraded to new products by request. Finally, after three and a half years, BANANANINA opened up the first flagship store in Menteng Central, Jakarta. Besides new ready stock products, we also carry previously owned items which we always keep updated daily, so that our customers able to purchase their desirable products to complete their collections. Now, we are focusing on women's collection while also starting to expand on the men's collection.

Our Mission

  1. Sell only original products
  2. Provide the best and complete information about the products we sell
  3. Support and appreciate creators' creativities
  4. Serving our customer the best face-to-face shopping experience
  5. Offer a quick, safe and simple online solution, accompanied by unparalleled customer service
  6. Support sustainable movement to extend the life of fashion items by selling previously owned products and “sell-back” program

Our Vision

We want to raise Indonesians' Awareness to buy original products and protect the copyright as well as fulfilling customers' contentments. We will continue to encourage our customers the use of items for as long as possible to get maximum value out of quality goods.

BANANANINA is well-known as a leading local reseller of authentic fashion items which means we guarantee you the authenticity of our products. We consider our customers' satisfaction as our first priority

To achieve that matter, we always try to maintain the quality of our products and services with best offers provided to you. Besides, BANANANINA is very reachable online or offline.

Our Store

Operating Hours
Sun-Thu (10.00 - 21.00), Fri-Sat (10.00 - 22.00)
Whatsapp/SMS : +62 8159697459
Line @banananina